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For Start-ups Project

Through our solutions, we were able to provide a smooth launch for the client’s new product line. Our support also enabled the client to expand their social media sales, leveraging their influencer’s network to promote their products to a wider audience.



Case Studies


For Start-ups Project

Helping a New US-based Client with Product Line Launch and Social Media Sales.

Our client is a new US-based company with a product line focused on sunglasses, sold through social media channels. The company is run by two young partners, one of whom is a social media influencer with a substantial following. The client is very meticulous and cautious about every aspect of their product, especially given that it is a new line.

As a new company, the client was very careful about every aspect of their product line. They needed multiple rounds of discussion and confirmation on product details, such as the color, packaging, and material of their sunglasses. The client also required FDA and testing reports, which required them to conduct online research and connect with companies that could provide the necessary information. The payment process was also a challenge, with the client facing issues with payment transfers and registration.

  • Multiple rounds of sample testing and packaging designs were presented to the client, with photos and reference samples sent for review. This helped the client gain a better understanding of the products and provide feedback.
  • To address the client’s concerns about the testing process, we provided a video demonstration of the drop-ball test, explaining the basic principles and how it is performed. Ultimately, the client decided not to conduct the test.
  • We provided the client with more product images, allowing them to learn more about our factory and products, which helped them gain new ideas for future orders.
  • When the client encountered payment issues, we first asked how a previous client, who had encountered similar issues. We then informed the client about the payment process and provided them with details on how to register an account and complete tax-free transactions, which eventually resulted in a successful payment.

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