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Since its set-up, Hubo has been dedicated to offering high-end and sustainable ski goggles that suit all ski fields.The technology applied to ski goggles is also comparable to that of big brands. We use double-layer lenses to effectively prevent fog and lens tinting technology to adjust to environmental changes.





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Our ski goggle frame is made of TPU raw material, mainly provided by BASF, while lenses are supplied by a Taiwanese lens manufacturer with 20 years of experience, and some are supplied by Zeiss. Strict control of raw materials enables us to have high-quality products. Start to browse all ski goggles as shown below.

Technologies Applied In Ski Goggles In Hubo

Hubo has always been committed to being ahead of the goggle industry, learning and applying various technologies to our products to maintain their continuous vitality.
Cylindrical VS Spherical VS Toric

How To Choose Ski Goggle Lenses?

The main difference between spherical, cylindrical, and toric lenses is their shape. The shape of the lens affects things like viewing area, glare reduction, optical clarity, and anti-fog capabilities.

Cylindrical Lens

  • Lens curves on X axis
  • Less glare defense
  • Larger surface points for UV rays
  • Less volume with greater chance to fog
  • Can have distorted view at certain angles
A cylindrical lens is vertically flat and curved on the sides, giving it a low-profile design. But the main drawback to a cylindrical lens is that they’re more prone to glare because of the flat vertical axis. The optics are also not always optimal, but most cylindrical goggles are designed to sit close enough to your face to still give you a decent peripheral view.

Spherical Lens

  • Lens curves both axes
  • Better glare defense
  • Smaller surface points for UV rays
  • More volume between the face and lenses for improved vertilation
  • More optically-correct with minimum distortion
A spherical goggle has a rounded, bubble-like appearance which provides superior peripheral view and less distortion. The curve of the lens also reduces glare because there are virtually no flat spots where light can hit to create glare. Another benefit of a spherical lens is the added volume inside of the goggle, which helps to reduce fogging.

Toric Lens

  • Glare- The curve of the toric lens has fewer surface points for UV rays to penetrate
  • Fog-Medium volume between your face and the lens making it sufficient for combating fog
  • Vision- Most optically true lens choice
By combining the two lens options, you get the best of both worlds. A toric lens has slightly less curvature on the y-axis but a true spherical curve on the x-axis. The shape of the lens more closely follows the shape of your face so it gives you better optics and you still get an amazing peripheral view.

Completely Customizable Goggles

We mean what we mean. Every business has specific needs, which is why all our goggle is custom-made to any size, style, material, and option. So even if you don’t see what you want, just let us know, and we will figure out a way!

Quick Process To Get Your Custom Goggles


Needs Assessment

  • Consultation with client to determine specific needs and requirements
  • Gathering information on preferred design, colors, and features


Design & Sampling

  • Creation of 2D and 3D models for client approval
  • Sampling to ensure proper fit, function, and design



  • Rigorous testing of sample for safety and performance
  • Collaboration with client to make any necessary adjustments


Bulk Production

  • Commencement of bulk production once client approves the final sample
  • High-quality production process with strict quality control measures in place



  • Efficient and reliable shipping of finished goggles to client location
  • Tracking and monitoring of shipment to ensure timely and safe delivery

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