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We custom and wholesale top-of-the-line motorcycle goggles that are multifunctional with tear-off and roll-off to guarantee your customers the ultimate riding experience. Our designs are comfortable, fashionable, and humane.





Motocross Goggles

Technologies Appiled In Motocross Goggles In Hubo

Both lenses and frames are humanely designed for a good wearing experience in Hubo. The strap system and lock design, which allow for quick and easy strap changes, are also stable.
Tear-Off VS Roll-Off

Comparison Of Motocross Goggle Lenses

Motocross goggles with regular lenses tend to get scratched, nicked, or covered with mud frequently while racing, impacting your vision. In this case, a better option to keep clear vision and clean goggles is needed! That refers to tear-offs and roll-offs. Both of these options will help keep your vision clear when racing.

Tear-Off Lens

  • Made with thin and transparent ,high definition PET film
  • Disposable films that are stacked and placed on the goggles
  • Can be immediately torn off to maintain a clear view
  • Prevent lens scratches
  • Tear-off system creates more litter

Roll-Off Lens

  • Made with thin and transparent ,high definition PET film
  • Disposable films that are packaged in a canister
  • Adjust it by pulling the string
  • More volume between the face and lenses for improved ventilation
  • Can be recharged and cleaned off at the end of the day

Completely Customizable Goggles

We mean what we mean. Every business has specific needs, which is why all our goggle is custom-made to any size, style, material, and option. So even if you don’t see what you want, just let us know, and we will figure out a way!

Quick Process To Get Your Custom Goggles


Needs Assessment

  • Consultation with client to determine specific needs and requirements
  • Gathering information on preferred design, colors, and features


Design & Sampling

  • Creation of 2D and 3D models for client approval
  • Sampling to ensure proper fit, function, and design



  • Rigorous testing of sample for safety and performance
  • Collaboration with client to make any necessary adjustments


Bulk Production

  • Commencement of bulk production once client approves the final sample
  • High-quality production process with strict quality control measures in place



  • Efficient and reliable shipping of finished goggles to client location
  • Tracking and monitoring of shipment to ensure timely and safe delivery

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