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Our safety goggles offer maximum comfort without sacrificing safety. High-impact PC (polycarbonate) lenses protect against flying debris. It is a universal standard fitted wrap-around PVC frame for maximum comfort, and the adjustable straps fit a variety of head sizes.





Safety Goggles

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Hubo provides versatile safety goggles for your customers to use in chemistry laboratories, woodworking shops, and somewhere else.

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Hubo Technology In Swimming Goggles

These safety glasses are made from polycarbonate lenses with a wide field of vision and good impact resistance. They can be worn over personal spectacles and have UV protection lenses.
the detail of safety goggle

PC(polycarbonate ) lens

Keep your eyes safe when working with liquids!

Venting System

Indirect-venting system circulates air and minimizes fogging while keeping liquids out.

OTG Coverage

Fits over most prescription eyewear.

Anti-Fog & Anti-UV

Eyes' comprehensive protection polycarbonate lens absorbs 99.9% UV .

Adjustable Strap

For a safe secure fit.

Completely Customizable Goggles

We mean what we mean. Every business has specific needs, which is why all our goggle is custom-made to any size, style, material, and option. So even if you don’t see what you want, just let us know, and we will figure out a way!

Quick Process To Get Your Custom Goggles


Needs Assessment

  • Consultation with client to determine specific needs and requirements
  • Gathering information on preferred design, colors, and features


Design & Sampling

  • Creation of 2D and 3D models for client approval
  • Sampling to ensure proper fit, function, and design



  • Rigorous testing of sample for safety and performance
  • Collaboration with client to make any necessary adjustments


Bulk Production

  • Commencement of bulk production once client approves the final sample
  • High-quality production process with strict quality control measures in place



  • Efficient and reliable shipping of finished goggles to client location
  • Tracking and monitoring of shipment to ensure timely and safe delivery

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