Hubo has amassed priceless experience in each stage of the procedure to ensure the best quality of products and customer service.




Meticulous Production Progress


Pre-Production: Communication & Design

During this period, Hubo designs and develops molds for components and products at the agreed-upon time. Our expert team will consider all customer requirements and carry out the drawing in 1 hour as well as the sample in 7 days.

Design ldea
3D engineering


Lenses Production

In this progress, high-end lenses such as photochromic lenses, high-contrast lenses, and smart lenses with multi-functions such as super-long-lasting anti-fog, smart Bluetooth connectivity, etc., are produced.

Material quality inspection
Lens cutting
Lens coating
Lens shaping


Frames Production

This is one of the three parts of the goggles. During this process, frames are made with the raw materials on a mold that is loaded on the injection-molding equipment.

Frames injection
Frames painting
Quality inspection
Foam Gluing


Straps Production

Last but not least is the strap. Our straps are made from renewable materials, which are not only stable and durable but also reduce the cost of manufacturing your product.

Strap production
Logo print


Assembling And Packaging

The process of processing the product ends at this stage. The aforementioned three components (lens/frame/strap) are put together at this step. The finished product is then packaged with instructions and different packaging materials using the packaging we created.

Foam on the Frame
Dual lens process
Goggles assembling

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