About Hubo

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About Hubo

Company Profile

Guangdong HUBO Sports Products Co., Ltd is a ski goggle manufacturer located in Huadu District. Since its establishment in 2010, we have been committed to providing the best ski goggle products for skiing enthusiasts around the world.

We have an 10,000-square-meter dust-free workshop and a highly skilled technical team that provides comprehensive support from design to production. Our production line is carefully designed and strictly controlled to ensure that every detail meets the highest standards.

Our product line includes ski goggles, motocross goggles, cycling glasses, and other outdoor sports goggles. We constantly innovate and introduce the latest technologies and materials to ensure that our products always maintain a leading position. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance products and excellent customer service. Our goal is to become a leader in the ski goggle market and provide customers with the best products and services.

Our History

Our Vision is to grow into a first-class company for head protection equipment


Adding new offices, expanding the sales team and improving service quality


Start of New manufacturing factory building in Zhaoqing and Import equity mechanism and expand our team


Establish subsidiary-Julong and owned over 30 design patens.


Relocated new factory workshop, over 4000m2


Company founded in Guangzhou, and owned New brand “SNOWLEDGE” in 2013.

Our Factory

The factory has passed ISO-9001 and BSCI factory audits. All products are CE and FDA certified. Meanwhile, Hubo is committed to R&D mold opening innovation and product precision, with a plant expansion capacity potential of 3780 sets per year, which will assist us in integrating supply chain capacity improvement.


Quality management system


Certification to assess workplace standard


European standard for the safe use of products


Food and Drug Administration certificate

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