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With more than 13 years of experience in goggle industry and a team of 8 R&D experts with 108+ patents, Hubo is committed to providing high-end products and crafted solutions.


Flexible Solutions For Your Business

Whether you’re a startup or a big brand, our goggles solution is flexible and perfectly scalable to what you need. So start small or go big, we are capable of both!

For Start-Ups

Items with a white label, which are popular among startups, e-commerce, influencers, and other groups to begin a new business with effortlessly customized.
  • Time & cost saving for build a brand
  • Diverse options on sizes and color
  • Various package models to choose from
  • Sample with your brand logo & label

For Mega Business

Suitable for brand owners, expanding businesses, and large corporations looking to launch a new product line with extensive customizability. Hubo provides effective solutions for brands.
  • Design team brings your concept to life in 1 hour
  • Swiftly produce prototype  in 15 days
  • Free sample production and end-to-end solutions
  • Reliable raw materials suppliers

What Makes Hubo The Leading Choice



  • 1 hour manuscript
  • 7 days finished sample
  • 15 days shipment



  • 13 years customized experience
  • Independent R&D team
  • Rich product line


Personal Service

  • Low and stress-free starting order
  • Promotional material support
  • Experts suppot


Quality After-Sales

  • Professional after-sales service
  • Two after-sales service points in China &US

Constantly Innovation

Hubo has maintained constant innovation in the products in terms of technology, materials and quality over the years, which ensures that all customers are at the forefront of the goggle industry.

User-Friendly Technology

The latest industry technologies were applied in Hubo goggles, such as the optional removable foam with magnet as well as the replaceable straps with slip buckles.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Bio-based materials were applied on frames while the straps and nylon lenses we used are renewable. These eco-friendly measures make your business more competitive in the market.

Fully Automated Equipments

With fully automated machines, production time, labor costs and scrap rates are dramatically reduced, which helps you to be more flexible and adaptable to market demands.

Launch Your Brand In Few Steps

Never worry about going to multiple sources to get your dream goggles.

Unrivaled Support & Services

Equipped with a comprehensive service team, we provide in-depth, detailed and customized solutions.

Stress-Free Sample Program

From 3D drawing to sample completion, we help to unleash your inner creativity with limitless customizations .

Fast Lead Time

With the vast production capacities of factories, Hubo guarantees an average lead time of 35 days.

Quality Assurance

Worry-free after-sales service was offered, and all products are covered by a one-year quality guarantee in Hubo.

About Hubo

Hubo has two factories with a robust and scalable production capacity that enables us to fulfill orders of various sizes and meet the demand of our customers in a timely and reliable manner.

Scale And Expertise

Dust-free workshop
Production capacity

Feedbacks From Our Customers

Hear what our customers say about us after collaborating on their goggles.
After all these years we finally got a gorgeous trade with such a professional manufacturer.Hubo has been most innovative and diligent ! It has a quick reply on anything customers require and can deliver a reliable solution. Nice cooperation with Hubo.

Justin Worth

CO Funder

My customers really love the goggles I had made through Hubo. Everyone is very impressed with the quality. I’m so happy to have found your services and plan to keep having goggles made through you for years and years to come!

Zach Pfeiffer


Everything came perfect in India ! Perfect goggles, not only with high quality,but also the shape and design. Hubo’s expertise team did me a large favor during the whole process. Fortunately, I had the wonderful cooperate partner ,and I got the goggles exactly fit my design.

Marchlo Carrizo


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