Case Study 2

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Through open communication and collaboration, we overcame the challenges faced in the project. The final product was delivered according to the client’s specific requirements and high-quality standards. The client was satisfied with the product quality and delivery, and we established a long-term partnership.



Case Studies


For Traders

Collaboration with a Client for Designing and Manufacturing Ski Goggles

Our company was approached by a well-known brand that sells ski goggles and sports sunglasses offline. They required our expertise in designing and manufacturing a new pair of ski goggles. The project involved multiple challenges that required efficient and professional collaboration between our team and the client.

  • Our client has extensive experience and knowledge in the eyewear industry, particularly in product design and mold manufacturing. This required multiple rounds of communication and collaboration to validate the product design and tooling manufacturing process. The design and mold-making process took 50 days, during which we maintained frequent communication with the customer.
  • In addition, the order required a high-definition, high-contrast lens that changed a single band. Our current lens supplier could not meet the requirements of this order.
  • We conducted several video calls, including a factory tour, discussions with the owner, and exchanged ideas to improve the details of the RP version.
  • Worked closely with our client’s team to ensure that the mold design met their specific requirements and high-quality standards, and efficient and professional collaboration was required between our in-house 3D team and the tooling factory.
  • We filtrated a new lens supplier to provide product specifications to confirm the effectiveness of the comparison with the sample and ultimately select a lens for this order.
  • Confirm the details of the sales sample while preparing the order materials to shorten the prototype-making time. After the finished product is produced, it is sent for testing and inspection to ensure that it meets the customer’s specifications and quality standards.

Thanks for your always fast response and your professional team . Good job!

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