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For Mega Business

By addressing the client’s demands and concerns, we were able to provide satisfactory solutions and overcome the challenges. We developed a new product line and achieved a successful partnership with a renowned sunglasses brand in the United States.



Case Studies


For Mega Business

Developing a New Product Line for a Renowned Sunglasses Brand.

The client is a well-known sunglasses brand in the United States. They approached our company with the intention of developing snow goggles as a new product category and discussed cooperation matters.

The client requested to create their specialized mold, which involved the following:
A)The eyewear frame needed to have a “press mark” design so that the lenses could be easily swapped during skiing without having to remove the goggles.
B)The client chose a special material for the small sponge, but its height did not match the current snow goggles.
C)The client requested to mold their style name onto the frame.
D)The client demanded a lower price and a shorter lead time.

  • Through team assistance, combined with successful mold cases in the past, provided useful 3D renderings to the client. The engineering department’s advice was also considered to come up with a satisfactory result.
  • By modifying the mold, the depth of the card slot was changed to match the height of the special sponge that the client chose.
  • We suggested printing the style name on the buckle instead of molding it onto the frame, simplifying the operation.
  • To address the pricing pressure, we offered different lens configurations for the client to choose from and convinced them that we provided the best price. The client understood and compromised by choosing a different configuration.
  • Through a series of communications and collaboration, we provided a sample for the client to confirm in advance, and the client was satisfied with our product, eventually signing a contract with us.

That is great to hear. Thanks so much! The samples are approved, and we are excited to get things moving.

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