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Hubo takes pride in offering a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your custom ski goggle needs. Whether you’re a new brand looking to make a mark in the industry or an established manufacturer seeking high-quality production, our expertise and dedication are here to meet your requirements.




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Premium Ski Goggles Collection

Learn about Hubo’s expertise in manufacturing ski goggles. With a commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, we are the go-to manufacturer for brands seeking exceptional ski eyewear, whether for adults or kids.

Patented Technologies

Hubo has always been committed to being ahead of the goggle industry, learning and applying various technologies to our products to maintain their continuous vitality.


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    Explore Our One-stop Solution

    Hubo is committed to turning your vision into reality. Our one-stop customization service empowers you to bring your dream ski goggles to life. From the earliest product sketches to the final design, our skilled team collaborates with you every step of the way, ensuring the end result aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

    Custom Services Design

    Built Your Own Brand

    Experience brand-customized lenses with diverse colors and advanced features such as anti-fog and magnetic  for superior wear experience.

    Define your style with our customizable frames. Choose from various designs, and colors to match your brand’s aesthetics.

    Ensure a secure fit with our customizable straps. Select from different materials, and designs that not only enhance comfort but also add a touch of personality to your brand.

    Create a memorable unboxing experience with our customizable packaging options. Tailor the design, materials, and branding to reflect your brand’s identity.

    Our Services & Features

    In Hubo, we always put our customers first and provide high-quality solutions that deliver real benefits to their business.

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    Custom Capabilities for Brands


    Unlock the power of customization for your brand with our tailored manufacturing solutions. Create ski goggles that embody your brand’s unique identity and vision, setting you apart from the competition.

    Eco-friendly Materials

    We prioritize sustainability with renewable, bio-based materials, ensuring a reduced ecological footprint while maintaining top-notch performance.

    R&D Ability

    Our R&D team continually pushes the boundaries of design and functionality. We introduce 5-10 new designs each year, keeping your brand at the forefront of the industry.

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    Quality Security

    From meticulous material inspection to lens and frame production, as well as rigorous assembly checks, every step of our production process undergoes stringent quality control measures.

    How do We Grow Your Business

    Experience the convenience of our different solutions, tailored specifically for your brand. We offer comprehensive manufacturing services, from design and development to production and packaging.


    For Start-Ups

    Items with a white label, which are popular among startups, e-commerce, influencers, and other groups to begin a new business with effortlessly customized.
    • Time & cost saving for build a brand
    • Diverse options on sizes and color
    • Various package models to choose from
    • Sample with your brand logo & label

    For Mega Business

    Suitable for brand owners, expanding businesses, and large corporations looking to launch a new product line with extensive customizability. Hubo provides effective solutions for brands.
    • Design team brings your concept to life in 1 hour
    • Swiftly produce prototype  in 15 days
    • Free sample production and end-to-end solutions
    • Reliable raw materials suppliers

    Our Manufacturing Process

    Hubo has amassed priceless experience in each stage of the procedure to ensure the best quality of products and customer service.

    Launch Your Brand In Few Steps

    Never worry about going to multiple sources to get your dream goggles.

    Unrivaled Support & Services

    Equipped with a comprehensive service team, we provide in-depth, detailed and customized solutions.

    Stress-Free Sample Program

    From 3D drawing to sample completion, we help to unleash your inner creativity with limitless customizations .

    Fast Lead Time

    With the vast production capacities of factories, Hubo guarantees an average lead time of 35 days.

    Quality Assurance

    Worry-free after-sales service was offered, and all products are covered by a one-year quality guarantee in Hubo.

    Ready To Start Your Project With Hubo?

    Feel free to consult our experts and see what can do for you.

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    Contact Us Now for Your FREE Goggle Sample and Complete Product Catalog!

      *We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.